Daylight Tablet

Daylight Tablet

Pros and cons:

  1. Tiny Sounding Speakers
  2. Extremely Warm Amber Backlight
  3. Slow Laggy & Often Crashes
  4. Notion Feels Sluggish
  5. Lack of Keyboard Case
  6. Quality Feels a Little Bit Cheap
  7. Battery Life is Good

Please consider these factors before making a purchase decision. Investing in a more reputable and reliable tablet brand is recommended.


The Daylight Tablet is marketed as the world’s first 60 Hz e-paper display, but it is actually a transflective LCD. While it aims to provide a healthier and more focused computing experience, it has limitations such as slow performance and lack of a keyboard case. The display is not as sharp as other tablets, but it offers flicker-free and blue light-free features. The company’s marketing strategy has caused confusion among consumers. Overall, the Daylight Tablet caters to a niche market seeking a simplified and less distracting device.


Key Insights

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